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Consequences of Habitat Loss and Habitat Fragmentation on the Survival of Monitor Lizard Populations in Bangladesh: A Review and Prospectus

By: Rahman K.M. Mijanur, Rakhimov Ilgizar Iliazovic

Key Words: Habitat loss, Habitat fragmentation, Impact, Monitor Lizard.

J. Bio. Env. Sci. 8(2), 139-145, February 2016.


The ecosystems of Bangladesh support three different monitor lizard’s species (Varanus bengalensis, V. flavescens and V. salvator). But, these huge populations are in great threats from habitat loss and fragmentation point of view. Nonetheless, maximum research studies have not given clear insights into their population-level implications. There is an obvious need to explore the mechanisms that dispose activity patterns, abundance and distribution of monitor lizard. The primary objectives of this paper is to sum up the current research knowledge, information gaps and propose scientific approaches to give clear idea, efficient management and conservation of monitor lizard populations in ecosystems facing habitat loss and fragmentation. Most of the research study showed that due to habitat loss and fragmentation all of the Monitor lizards are facing continuous threats for surviving in their natural habitats. Habitat fragmentation decreases territory range and dispersal and increases mortality rates of the Monitor lizards. It’s narrowing the genetic diversity and perhaps the production of infertile youths. The species also faces the high vulnerability to pathogens, invasive species, climate change, increased Ultraviolet-B exposure and environmental pollution. The ultimate result or impact of habitat loss and fragmentation is actually the total loss or extinction of wild fauna including monitor lizards from that particular habitat. So, proper conservation and management strategy could only save these important species from extinction.


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