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Optimization of bio-oil pH with co-pyrolysis of cotton gin trash, animal manure, and micro-algae

By: Muhammad Usman Hanif, Renato O. Arazo, Sergio C. Capareda, Hamid Iqbal, Muhammad Adnan Hanif, Muhammad Anwar Baig

Key Words: Co-biomass, pH; Bio-oil; Pyrolysis; micro-algae

Int. J. Biosci. 8(5), 8-14, May 2016.



Lower pH increases corrosive nature of bio-oil and hence creates problem in its applications for a replacement of crude oil. We controlled pH of bio-oil by optimizing the temperature and feedstock composition in a fixed bed batch pyrolysis reactor. The feedstock used for pyrolysis of co-biomass included cotton gin trash (CGT), cow manure (CM), and algae (Nanochloropsis oculata). The bio-oil from co-pyrolysis process was also characterized for water content viscosity, pH, and acid number. The co-biomass in different ratios was processed to produce bio-oil at five operating temperatures (400, 450, 500, 550, and 600°C). The results obtained during the experiment showed a significant change in the product yields and characteristics. The pH of produced bio-oil ranged from 6.36 to 8.96. The ratios of feedstock compositions showed synergistic effect on the pH, acid number, and viscosity of bio-oil. The results indicated that operating temperature and composition of co-biomass are critical in improving the pH of the bio-oil.


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