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Volume 4, Number 5, May 2014 – IJAAR

Solid state fermentation of Lathyrus sativus and sugarcane bagasse by Pleurotus sajor-caju

Md. Rezaul Karim, Zinat Mahal, Safia Iqbal, Harun or Rashid, M. Abu Hena Mostofa Jamal, Md. Azizul Islam, Md. Mafizur Rahman

Int. J. Agr. Agri. Res. 4(5), 1-9. (Full Text)

Effects of fresh leaf materials of Sesbania sesban (L.) Merrill on the growth and photosynthetic pigments of nightshade (Solanum nigrum L. var. popolo)

Musyimi D. Mutisya, Okello S. Victor, Sikuku P. Anyango, Mutevu J. Masila

Int. J. Agr. Agri. Res. 4(5), 10-21. (Full Text)

Effect of biological soil crusts on soil chemical properties: a study from Tunisian arid ecosystem

Wahida Ghiloufi, Mohamed Chaieb

Int. J. Agr. Agri. Res. 4(5), 22-32. (Full Text)

Characteristics of ‘Oblacinska’ sour cherry (Prunus Cerasus L.) clones

Zoran Nikolić, Katerina Nikolić, Dragan Janković, Ana Krstić

Int. J. Agr. Agri. Res. 4(5), 33-38. (Full Text)

Allelotoxic activity of Eucalyptus rostrata Schlecht. on seed germination and seedling growth of Chenopodium album L. and Portulaca oleracea L.

H.M. Abou-Zeid, S.M. EL-Darier

Int. J. Agr. Agri. Res. 4(5), 39-50. (Full Text)

Nutritional indices of Tribolium castaneum (herbst) and its response to plant extracts in relation to three types of flours

Muhammad Sagheer, Mansoor-ul-Hasan, Muhammad Bilal, Malik Najam-ul-Hassan, Fawad Zafar Ahmad Khan, Shireen Raza Haidri, Muhammad Farhan

Int. J. Agr. Agri. Res. 4(5), 51-56. (Full Text)

Prediction of yield and economic indices for tangerine production using artificial neural networks based on energy consumption

Ashkan Nabavi-Pelesaraei, Farhad Fatehi, Asghar Mahmoudi

Int. J. Agr. Agri. Res. 4(5), 57-64. (Full Text)

Maize managed on diverse cropping systems and N supply on yield and quality of maize stover silage

Akim T. Omokanye, Frank M. Kelleher, Alison McInnes

Int. J. Agr. Agri. Res. 4(5), 65-74. (Full Text)

Influence of irrigation with wastewater of a leaven factory on yield and quality of corn

Ata Bahojb-Almasi, Saeid Zehtab-Salmasi, Jalil Shafagh-Kolvanagh

Int. J. Agr. Agri. Res. 4(5), 75-79. (Full Text)

Biological efficiency of biofertilizers emosan and seasol on pepper (Capsicum annuum L.) cultivated under organic farming conditions

Veselka Vlahova, Vladislav Popov

Int. J. Agr. Agri. Res. 4(5), 80-95. (Full Text)

Effect of irrigation with wastewater on root yield and yield components of sugar beet

Ata Bahojb-Almasi, Parinesa Moshefi

Int. J. Agr. Agri. Res. 4(5), 96-101. (Full Text)

Physiological impact of sodium azide on Helianthus annus seedlings

S. Elfeky, S. Abo-Hamad, K. M. Saad-Allah

Int. J. Agr. Agri. Res. 4(5), 102-109. (Full Text)

Genetic parameters of some production traits of the synthetic breed Cunistar-MDL (Minimum Disease Level)

K. Soro, D.P. Sokouri, N.A. Bosso, M. Coulibaly, A.S.P. N’Guetta

Int. J. Agr. Agri. Res. 4(5), 110-118. (Full Text)

The typology of the pig breeding in Burkina Faso: cases of the towns of Bobo-Dioulasso and Gaoua in soudanian area; Kaya and Dori in sahelian area

Kienrebeogo Timbilfou, Mopate Logtene Youssouf, et Kabore-Zoungrana Chantal-Yvette

Int. J. Agr. Agri. Res. 4(5), 119-136. (Full Text)

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