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Volume 2, Number 4, September 2014 – IJMM

Microfungal contaminants on the surface of the books and the atmosphere of the library of Health Services Vocational School in Marmaris, Turkey

Vedat Kadir Özkan

Int. J. Micro. Myco. 2(4), 1-5. (Full Text)

Evaluation of free malaria case management for children under 5 years and pregnant woman in Benin

Yves Eric Denon, Mariam Oke, Fadéby Modeste Gouissi, Dorothée Kinde Gazard, Bruno Aholoukpe, Clarisse Nobime, Simon Atayi

Int. J. Micro. Myco. 2(4), 6-13. (Full Text)

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