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Volume 2, Number 1, January 2012 – JBES

Author(s): Gopinath, Karthikeyan, Sivakumar, Magesh, MohanaSundaram, Poongodi, Ramesh, Rajamohan

Title: Studies on removal of malachite green from aqueous solution by sorption method using water hyacinth – Eichornia crassipes roots

J. Bio. & Env. Sci. 2(1), 1-8. (Full Text) 

Author(s): M. Ahsanur Rahman, M. Mostafizur Rahman, Md. Kamruzzaman, Most. Ferdousi Begum, M. Firoz Alam

Title: Use of culture filtrates of Trichoderma strains as a biological control agent against Colletotrichum capsici causing Anthracnose fruit rot disease of chili

J. Bio. & Env. Sci. 2(1), 9-18. (Full Text)

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