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Volume 2, Number 1, January, 2012 – IJB

Author(s): Feugang Youmessi Francis Dupont, Bilong Bilong Charles Félix, Cherix Daniel, Djiéto-Lordon Champlain

Title: Biodiversity study of arthropods collected on rat carrion in Yaounde, Cameroon: first study on forensic entomology in Central Africa

Int. J. Biosci. 2(1), 1-8. (Full Text) 

Author(s): Kishwar Hayat Khan

Title: Impact of endosulfan on living beings

Int. J. Biosci. 2(1), 9-17. (Full Text

Author(s): Prayaga Murty Pragada, Duvvada Srinivasa Rao, Malleboyina Venkaiah

Title: Study of some ethnomedicinal plants for treatment of dysentery of North Coastal Andhra Pradesh, India

Int. J. Biosci. 2(1), 18-24. (Full Text

Author(s): Noubissié Tchiagam Jean-Baptiste, Dolinassou Souina, Njintang Y. Nicolas, Nguimbou M. Richard,  Zaiya Z. Arlette

Title: Genetic variability and heritability estimates of some properties of groundnut (Arachis hypogaea L.) kernels

Int. J. Biosci. 2(1), 25-35. (Full Text)

Author(s): S. Mugerwa, J.M. Kabirizi1, D. Njarui, D. Mpairwe

Title: Utilization of introduced forages by smallholder dairy farmers in Uganda

Int. J. Biosci. 2(1), 36-45. (Full Text)

Author(s): Abdiyev Vilayet Bashir, Gasumov Nemet Abbassali

Title: Kinetics of chloride ions absorption by plant sprouts in the presence of NaNO3, Ca(NO3)2 and Na2SO4

Int. J. Biosci. 2(1), 46-50. (Full Text

Author(s): M. Ahsanur Rahman, M. Matiur Rahman, M. F. Begum, M. Firoz Alam

Title: Effect of bio compost, cow dung compost and NPK fertilizers on growth, yield and yield components of chili

Int. J. Biosci. 2(1), 51-55. (Full Text

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