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Volume 1, Number 2, December 2011 – IJAAR

Author(s): Fadeyibi Adeshina, Zinash Delebo Osunde, Bello Kehinde

Title: Measures against damage of some perishable products on transit

Int. J. Agr. & Agri. R. 1(2): 1-8. (Full Text)

Author(s): Ioan Gontariu, Amelia Buculei

Title: The efficiency of some fungicide at two-row spring barley for fighting against spot blotch (Cochliobolus sativus Ito and Kurib) in the Bucovina area

Int. J. Agr. & Agri. R. 1(2): 9-13. (Full Text) 

Author(s): Mugerwa Swidiq, Kabirizi Jolly Mary, Kigongo John, Zziwa Emmanuel

Title: A cost-benefit analysis for utilization of poultry manure in cabbage production among smallholder crop-livestock farmers

Int. J. Agr. & Agri. R. 1(2): 14-19. (Full Text) 

Author(s): Mugerwa Swidiq, Sara Babiker, Habonayo Glorios, Nijimbere Aloys, Kayiwa Stephen, Zziwa Emmanuel, Njarui Donald

Title: A comparative analysis of phosphorus fertilizer regimes on seed production of Lablab in East and Central Africa

Int. J. Agr. & Agri. R. 1(2): 20-27. (Full Text)

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