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The integrated pest management farmer field school and its impact on arthropods diversity of rice fields

By: Samharinto Soedijo, Abdul Latief Abadi, Bambang Tri Rahardjo, Hakimah Halim

Key Words: IPM-FFS, Arthropods, Diversity, Rice fields.

J. Bio. Env. Sci. 9(4), 187-197, October 2016.


The purpose of theresearch on the impact of the Integrated Pest Management Farmer Field School (IPM-FFS) on arthropod diversity of rice fields in the South Kalimantan Province was to assess changes in arthropodbiodiversity due to differences in cultivation technique to grow ricemade by IPM-FFS and nonIPM-FFS alumni. The methods used in this research consisted of interviewthe IPM-FFS and the non IPM-FFS alumni using purposive sampling technique and collectingarthropodsfrom rice fields owned by FFS alumni and non-alumniin two locations: GuntungPayung and Sungai Rangas. Arthropods were collected using four different typesof trap (sweep net, yellow trap, pitfall trap and light trap)every week since one month of riceplanting until to harvest time or four months of rice planting. The interview results were analysed to determine differences in the rate of the IPM knowledge adoption between the IPM-FFS and nonIPM-FFS alumni. Data of quantity of collected arthropods were then calculated to determine the Shannon-Wiener diversity index (H’). Results of the research showed that the adoption rate of the IPM conceptswere higher for the FFS alumni with scores ranging between 81.00% and 86.51% compared to the non FFS alumni that had scores ranging between 53.56% and 55.10%. The results also revealed that the diversity index of arthropodsvariedbetween the locations, the diversity index was similar for the IPM and the non-IPM rice fields, namely 2.530 and 2.666 in the GuntungPayung; and 2,760 for IPM rice fieldand 2.527 for non-IPM rice field in the Sungai Rangas.

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