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The impact of hydro-priming duration on seed invigoration and field emergence of milk thistle

By: Kazem Ghassemi Golezani, Iraj Yaghoubian, Yaeghoub Raei

Key Words: Milk thistle, Seedling emergence, Seed priming, Seed vigor

J. Bio. Env. Sci. 9(2), 229-234, August 2016.


Laboratory tests and a field experiment were conducted in 2015, to evaluate the effects of hydro-priming duration (0, 8 and 16 hours) on seed invigoration and seedling emergence of milk thistle. All laboratory tests were arranged as completely randomized design with four replications and the field experiment was carried out as randomized complete block design in six replications. Hydro-priming significantly increased seedling dry weight and seed vigor index, but reduced electrical conductivity of seed leachates and mean germination time. Seed priming had no significant effect on germination percentage. Invigoration of milk thistle seeds by hydro-priming resulted in significantly higher seedling emergence percentage and lower emergence time in the field, compared with unprimed seeds. The highest improvement in seed invigoration and seedling emergence was achieved by 16 hours hydro-priming. Thus, this hydro-priming duration could be used as a simple method for enhancing seed vigor and field emergence of milk thistle.

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