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Taxonomic Perspective of Grasses; a Potential Resource of Cholistan Desert, Pakistan

By: Hafiz Muhammad Wariss, Hong Wang, Ting Shuang Yi, Shazia Anjum, Saeed Ahmad, Khurshid Alam

Key Words: Grasses, Cholistan Desert, Flora, Taxonomic Studies.

J. Bio. Env. Sci. 9(2), 25-42, August 2016.


Poaceae is the fourth largest family of flowering plants. The present study provides an enumeration of grasses taxa of Cholistan desert with their local name, distribution, taxonomic investigation and their voucher specimens. A total of 34 grasses were identified belonging to 23 genera, 9 tribes and 3 subfamilies from the study area. The study revealed that the area harbors high plant diversity. This taxonomic study will help in classification and identification of grasses. It is very essential to identify such important grasses and develop a strategy for their conservation. These grasses play a signi´Čücant role in the management of various human essentials and ailments in the study area. Awareness was thus needed to be raised among local people on sustainable management and utilization of plant resources of the area.

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