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Taxonomic and ecologic studies of spiders from the citrus and guava fruit gardens of district Faisalabad, Pakistan

By: Abdul Ghafoor, Sadif Nazar, Irum Maqsood, Kainat Khalid, Ayesha Nawaz, Farwa Jabbir

Key Words: Taxonomy, Ecology, Spiders, Citrus, Guava,, Faisalabad, Pakistan

J. Bio. Env. Sci. 9(5), 39-43, November 2016.


Spiders were collected from citrus and guava gardens from four tehsils of Faisalabad viz., Samundri, Jaranwala, Tandlianwala and Faisalabad, Pakistan. Pitfall trapping method was used to collect spiders specimens from September 2010 to June 2011. A total 1054 specimens were collected representing six families. i.e Lycosidae 6 species, Thomisidae 3 species, Gnaphosidae 3 species, Saltisidae 7 species, Araneidae 3 species. Maximum recorded in September, October and November with peak in September because of gardens attacked by harmful insects. Different ecological niches and number of species showed dependent on its complexity.

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