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Statistical study of the benthic communities of sources Ain Regrag, Sidi Bouali and Tataw (Middle Atlas, Morocco)

By: Imane Nechad, Mouhcine Fadil, Fatima Fadil

Key Words: Macrobenthos, Biodiversity inventory, ACP, ANOVA, Sources.

J. Bio. Env. Sci. 9(2), 272-285, August 2016.


The present work presents the results obtained from the sampling of benthic macro fauna on three major sources of freshwater in the Middle Atlas Morocco. The samples were taken monthly from January 2013 to December 2013 with a Surber NET with a width of mesh 400µm. A total of 22189 individuals belonging to 47 species were collected in the three studies 12 months of sampling stations. The statistical analyses by the ACP have shown several positive correlations between certain species creating benthic associations, so another vision of the multispecies trophic. The statistical tool has given rise to the involvement of the factor ‘season’ in the distribution of macro benthic species in the Tataw station, which would be manifested by a decrease or increase in abundance between seasons while in the source AR the vast majority of species are indifferent to a seasonal effect. The study of correlations between species and the physicochemical parameters of the environment revealed that, according to the station, several positive and negative correlations between some physicochemical parameters of the middle (T°C, Ca2 +, IP, dissolved O2) and some taxa colonizing studied habitats as the may flies, Baetis rhodani, Ecdyonorus ifranensis, the phoretic, Agapitus incertilus, the Aipteran, Simulium ornatum and the Amphipod Gammarus rouxii. Statistical analysis by ANOVA highlights the behavior of the species towards the two factors ‘time’ and ‘space’, indeed this review showed that for the majority of species (31 taxa), the number is stable in time but changes from one source to the other.

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