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Species richness of orb web spiders (Araneae: Araneidae) in Rajah Sikatuna Protected Landscape (RSPL), Bohol, Philippines

By: Lynde E. Quiñones, Aimee Lynn A. Barrion-Dupo, Olga M. Nuñeza

Key Words: Araneids, Cyclosa, Beat-netting, Species diversity, Vial-tapping.

J. Bio. Env. Sci. 8(5), 136-146, May 2016.


The Araneidae (orb-web spiders) is one of the largest spider families. In this study, species richness of orb-web spiders in Rajah Sikatuna Protected Landscape (RSPL) was determined through species richness estimation and biodiversity measures. Sampling was conducted using beat-netting and vial-tapping methods at all layers from ground level to tree canopy layer. One hundred forty six individuals belonging to 34 species under 12 genera were recorded. Cyclosa hexatuberculata was identified as new record to Bohol. High species richness was recorded in site 3 with 21 species and 65 individuals. Most of the species found belong to the genus Cyclosa. The overall estimated species richness of araneids in this study was 58 species and probably much more. High species diversity (H’=3.168) of araneids was observed in the area. Araneid species in the area were more or less distributed equitably per species.


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