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Prevalence of Hepatitis B virus, Hepatitis C virus and HIV in blood donors of different areas of Khyber Pukhtoonkhwa, Pakistan

By: Tariq Ahmed, Rahool, Noor Nasir Khattak, Faizullah Khan, Shahabudddin, Muhammad Saleem Khan

Key Words: Ratio, HBV, HCV, Prevalence, Blood donors.

J. Bio. Env. Sci. 9(1), 304-309, July 2016.


It is common to donate blood to save lives of critical patients the carefully transfusion of blood and screening of blood donors is essential to test the blood for the purpose to stop the spreading of the infectious agents trough blood components. Hepatitis is one of the major cause of all the deaths throughout the world as in present, record of past and feature the diseases has alarming signals. The retrospective study period of one year was conducted to show the prevalence of HBV and HCV along with HIV in the blood donors of KPK, Pakistan the information will be helpful for general population which had been remained aware less and unwarned. In current study 8439 blood donors’ data were examined from well-known blood bank of KPK. The 98.9% donors were HBV negative and 1.1% positive. The 99.3% donors were HCV negative and 0.5% positiv e. Overall prevalence of the hepatitis virus (both B and C) was low in the blood donors. The prevalence of HIV is negligible with only one sample found positive. It is concluded that, HBV, HCV and HIV transmission and occurrence low comparative to other province due to awareness, preventive measures and vaccines availability in the KPK.


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