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Predicting of soil water characteristics curve with modified Van Genuchten model by particle size distribution data

By: Samaneh Amanabadi, Mohammad Hossien Mohammadi, Mohammad Hassan Masihabadi

Key Words: Particle size distribution, relative improvement, soil moisture characteristics curve.

J. Bio. Env. Sci. 9(1), 33-39, July 2016.


Direct measurement of soil moisture characteristics curve (SMC) due to spatial and temporal variation is labor and expensive. So, prediction of SMC from basic soil properties which can be measured easily would be satisfactory. In this study, we use a dataset containing 18 UNSODA soil samples to evaluate the performance of modified Van Genuchten (VG) model. We make a comparison between the results obtained from modified VG model and ROSETTA software showing that the modification of VG model increases the accuracy of SMC. The model bias was related to particles size and particles surface energy. We concluded that modified VG model improve predictions of SMC more accurate for large scale hydrological management.


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