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Phytodiversity of Ayubia National Park Pakistan: Conservation and Management issues

By: Rabia Afza, Habib Ahmad, Zafeer Saqib, Niaz Ali, Jawad Khan

Key Words: Pakistan, Ayubia National Park, Biodiversity, Plant Communities, Resource Management.

J. Bio. Env. Sci. 8(2), 327-336, February 2016.


This paper communicates the results of the current study conducted to analyze the phytosociological attributes of Ayubia National Park (ANP) for identifying the major threats to biodiversity of the Park. We report the structure and composition of vegetation of ANP through fixed point survey techniques. Circular quadrates of 18m2 radius were used to sample trees while the understory vegetation was sampled by recording data through 15 m line transects. Sum of 250 plant species belonging to 79 plant families recorded in 32km2area of the Park. Furthermore, hierarchical clustering identified three plant communities in the park. Our results delineated important phytosociological attributes of the Park which can be used for facilitating further research on conservation of biodiversity and developing strategies for effective management of the Park.


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