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Phytochemical assessment of common Punica granatum L. varieties grown in district Gilgit, Pakistan

By: Maqsood Hussain, Muhammad Saeed Awan, Zulfiqar Ali, Farrukh Faiz, Abid Hussain, Tajudin

Key Words: Anthocynin, Carotenoid, Flavonoid, Health, Polyphenol.

J. Bio. Env. Sci. 9(2), 60-68, August 2016.


Regular consumption of fruits, vegetables and their byproducts lessen the chances of many health hazardous ailments due to existence of numerous valuable nutrients. To evaluate some physcio-chemical characteristics of three pomegranate varieties (sweet, sour and doom) juices from three different localities (Danyore, Nomal and Sakwar) of district Gilgit were collected. The parameters studied were pH, total soluble solids, reducing sugars, titratable acidity, flavonoids, carotenoids, anthocynins. The pH content found among the sweet cultivars varied from 2.99-3.9, anthocynins ranged from 294.99-295.33mgC3G, flavonoids differed from 232.21-234.83mgQC/g, reducing sugars fluctuated from 10.99-12.24%, carotenoids varied from 12.12-12.76 mg ß-carotene/g, TSS ranged from15.9-17.3 brixo and titratable acidity fluctuated from 0.362-0.403%. Among doom variety pH differed from 3.19-3.33 anthocynins ranged from 289.9-290.29mgC3G, flavanoid varied from 233.31-235.09mgQC/g, reducing sugars range from 9.09-10.2%, carotenoids fluctuated from 13.09-13.3 mg ß-carotene/g, TSS varied from 15.8-16.66 brixo and Ttitratable acidity range from 0.588-0.645%. Among the sour cultivars pH varied from 2.35-2.66, anthocynins ranged from 292.82-293.7mgC3G, flavanoid ranged from 230.37-232.14mgQC/g, reducing sugars varied from 7.27-8.03%, carotenoids differed from 11.7-11.9mg ß-carotene/g, TSS ranged from 14.0-15.2 brixo and titratable acidity range from 0.719-0.817%.


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