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New record of genus Pseudapatemon (Trematoda: Strigeidae) in avian host from Pakistan

By: Muhammad Moosa Abro, Ali Murtaza Dharejo, Muhammad Munif Khan, Nadir Ali Birmani

Key Words: Little cormorant, New host record, Pakistan, Pseudapatemon, Sanghar, Sindh

J. Bio. Env. Sci. 9(3), 125-129, September 2016.


Anew record of genus Pseudapatemon of family Strigeidae is described from intestine of little cormorant Phalacrocorax niger from Sanghar, Sindh, Pakistan. Eleven Little cormorant were captured alive, chloroformed and dissected in Parasitological laboratory and sample were examined under binocular stereomicroscope. The collected trematodes were processed in ethanol series for dehydration, stained in borax carmine and mounted in Canada balsam. Trematodes have bipartite body, divided into fore-body and hind-body, fore-body cup shaped without pseudo sucker, hind-body cylindrical larger than fore-body, ovary spherical and pre-testicular, testes massive, unequal, tandem and contiguous, vitellaria distributed in entire hind-body, eggs large, numerous and found in mid-body. On the basis of these characteristics, these are identified as Pseudapatemon mamilliformis (Tubangui, 1932) Dubois, 1936.only two hosts were infected with 12 specimens. This genus is being reported for first time from present locality and little cormorant is new host record.

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