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Morphological evaluation of Capsicum spp. diversity in Iran

By: Abdlollahmohammadi, Mostafa Pourazarm, Mahyar Rohami

Key Words: Pepper improvement, Morphological traits, Multivariate analysis.

J. Bio. Env. Sci. 9(1), 224-230, July 2016.


48 genotypes of Capsicum spp. obtained from National Plant Gene Bank of Iran. The experiment was conducted as an alpha lattice design and 11 important morphological traits were measured based on IPGRI descriptor. Analysis of variance, Principle Component Analysis, cluster analysis and stepwise regression were performed for all variables. All studied morphological traits showed significant differences among the genotypes. Principle component analysis revealed the first four components can justify over 79% of total variances. The cluster analysis (UPGMA) based on fruit length and fruit width classified all genotypes into four groups. According to the results of stepwise regression analysis 59.65% of the total variation in fruit fresh weight could be attributed to total plant weight, fruit wall thickness and fruit length. The identified diversity between genotypes showed its important potential for breeding program in Capsicum spp.


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