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Morphological characterization and diversity analysis of some selected aromatic rice genotypes in Bangladesh

By: K.K. Bashar, N.A. Ivy, M.A.K. Mian, K.M. Iftekharuddaula, M.A. Hoque

Key Words: Aromatic rice, Morphological characterization, Cluster distance, Hybridization.

J. Bio. Env. Sci. 8(4), 196-208, April 2016.


The improvement of aromatic rice genotypes requires proper characterization of its existing germplasm. For this purpose, twenty four (nineteen aromatic and five non-aromatic fine) rice genotypes were evaluated for twenty qualitative and sixteen quantitative traits at morphological level to identify the suitable genotypes for future hybridization program at Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Agricultural University. All the genotypes produced same scores in the data for eight qualitative characters viz. blade colour, leaf sheath: anthocyanin colour, ligule colour, ligule shape, auricle colour, collar colour, anthocyanin coloration of nodes and stigma colour. Differences were found in the genotypes studied for rest of the qualitative characteristics. The analysis of variance indicated the existence of highly significant variability for all the characters studied. All the genotypes made seven clusters. The highest intra-cluster distance was computed for cluster I (0.75), composed of five genotypes followed by the cluster V (0.72) composed of five genotypes. Only one genotype viz. Jhingasail belonged to the cluster IV which had intra-cluster distance 0.00, indicated that this genotype was genetically diversed from other genotypes. The inter-cluster distance was the highest (19.26) between cluster III and V followed by the 17.30 between cluster II and cluster VI and the lowest distance (2.63) was obtained between cluster I and cluster III. Considering the magnitude of genetic distances the cross combination Chinigura and Jhingasail, Basmati 107 and (Jhingasail, Rong-er-gura, Kalijira, Rasmala and Chinisagor), Basmati naret and (Rasmala, Rong-er-gura and Kalijira) and Kataribhog and Chinisagor might be selected for future hybridization program.


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