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Investigation of heavy metals content (Cd , Ni and Pb) in the muscle tissue of two commercial fishes of the Qeshm Island (Persian Gulf )

By: Somayeh Gholami, Shirin Aghanajafizadeh, Morteza Naderi

Key Words: Heavy metals, Water pollution, Persian Gulf, Qeshm Island, Iran.

J. Bio. Env. Sci. 8(2), 159-165, February 2016.


This study has been done to determine the amount of the heavy metals like Cd, Ni, and Pb in the muscle tissue of Hoof benthic fish (Psettodes erumei) and urban pelagic fish (Lethrinus nebulosus) in Qeshm Island in the north of the Persian Gulf. On the whole, the heavy metal content of 30 tissue samples was randomly measured by atomic absorption spectrometer. The mean amount of Cd and Ni in benthic Hoof was significantly greater than that in the Urban pelagic fish while the concentration of pb in urban pelagic fish was higher than that in the Hoof tissue samples (P<0.05). Our results showed that the concentration of the three measured heavy metals in the fishes studied was less than the standard levels proposed by WHO and FAO.


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