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In vitro anthelmintic activity of crude extracts of ethnobotanically important wild plants of Sahiwal Division, Punjab, Pakistan against Haemonchus contortus (Rudolphi 1803)

By: Ahmad Ali, Zaheer-ud-din Khan, Khalid Farooq Akbar, Faiz Ahmad Joyia

Key Words: Haemonchus contortus, anthelmintic activity, ethnobotany, wild plants, Sahiwal Division.

J. Bio. Env. Sci. 9(2), 79-87, August 2016.


Our preceding ethnobotanical studies revealed that Aerva javanica, Cistanche tubulosa, Cuscuta campestris, Heliotropium europaeum and Persicaria glabra have been used in folk medicines in Sahiwal Division, Punjab, Pakistan. In the present study, different doses of the methanol, chloroform, n-hexane and aquous extracts of these plants were evaluated for their anthelmintic activity against the very devastating blood sucking macro-parasites of goats and sheep‘ Haemonchus contortus’. The serial dilution method was used to determine the most effective dose of the above samples to kill 100% of adult Haemonchus contortus under in vitro conditions. Methanolic, chloroform, n-hexane and aquous crude extracts of five plants were diluted to give four dilutions (10, 20, 50 and 100 mg /mL) each. Non-polar solvent-based extracts were found more effective than that of the polar solvent-based extracts. Chloroform extracts of Cistanche tubulosa, Cuscuta campestris and Persicaria glabra while methanolic extracts of Aerva javanica and Cuscuta campestris were found the most effective. Among all Cuscuta campestris demonstrated maximum efficacy providing 100% H. Contortus control within first hour of treatment however other four plants were found to have adequate anthelmintic activity. Helminthiasis is a common disease found in sheep and goats in Asia. Due to increased resistance in heliminths against chemical control, plant extracts are being preferred as an alternate remedy. All these plants particularly Cuscuta campestris warrants future investigations to identify and isolate the possible phytochemicals, responsible for its excellent anthelmintic activity.

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