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Impact of agricultural activities on the evolution of nitrate and nitrite levels in groundwater of Annaba plain (North East of Algeria)

By: Halimi Samia, Baali Fethi, Kherici Nacer, Rechachi Hichem, A. K. Younsi

Key Words: Algeria, Intensive agriculture, Fertilizer nitrogen, Quality of water

J. Bio. Env. Sci. 9(3), 120-124, September 2016.


Annaba plain (North East of Algeria) knows intensive farming of various crops. Use is made in the field, based fertilizer nitrogen mainly phosphate. A total of 29 well water samples have been analyzed for the period from December 2013 to assess the impact of these fertilizers on the quality of water resources. Given the nature of the fertilizers used, the following key parameters were targeted: nitrates, nitrites and phosphates, electrical conductivity. It is clear from these investigations those higher contents of nitrates, nitrites with respective maximum values of 130 mg.l-1, 94 mg.l-1, phosphorus soluble form, have lower levels to acceptable standards that exceed 5.1 mg.l-1.


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