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Identification of the grass family (Poaceae) by using the plant dna barcodes rbcl and matK

By: Saadullah, Zaheer-ud-din Khan, Muhammad Ashfaq, Zaib-u-Nisa

Key Words: Poaceae DNA barcoding, Intra-specific, Inter-specific, Bootstrap value.

J. Bio. Env. Sci. 8(5), 175-186, May 2016.


Due to phenotypic plasticity, with few distinguishable and many overlapping characters, grasses are very difficult to identify by morphological characters, The current research evaluated how standard plant barcode rbcl and matK can help in floristic evaluation of. grasses belonging to a not well studied flora in district Dera Ghazi Khan, Punjab, Pakistan. In this study, 54 specimen belonging to 24 species of Poaceae were examined. Species wise sequencing success for rbcl and matK was 100% and 66.67% respectively. The determination of intra and inter-specific divergence and phylogentic analysis by reconstruction of neighbor joining trees were carried out. The results demonstrated that individually both rbcl and matK totally failed in discrimination of congeneric species. In neighbor joining phylogenetic analysis both rbcl and matK provided well resolved monophyletic tree with weak bootstrap threshold value. While in combination (rbcl+matK) both marker provided well resolved monophyletic tree with strong bootstrap threshold value.


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