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Hydro biological study of three major sources of the Middle Atlas (Morocco) habitat, water chemistry, distribution of the benthic fauna

By: Imane Nechad, Fatima Fadil

Key Words: Benthic macro fauna Habitat, Ecological index, Sources.

J. Bio. Env. Sci. 9(2), 191-206, August 2016.


This research work has for main objective the determination of the overall composition and monitoring of the dynamics of benthic macro stands of three major sources of the Middle Atlas (Ain Regrag, Sidi Bouali and Tataw), in relation to the major abiotic factors of the environment and the impact of human activities. Interpreting results of physico-chemical analyses of water samples collected, shows that the waters of the Sidi Bouali and Ain Regrag are high calcium hardness, those of Tataw are weakly mineralized and low hardness calcium and magnesian Tower. From bacteriological point of view, Sidi Bouali flows are free from indicator microorganisms of fecal pollution, however sources Ain Regrag and Tataw waters are waters also prone to bacterial contamination that exceeds the tolerable thresholds for health. In all of plant crops. A total of 22189 individuals belonging to 47 species were collected in the three research stations. Arthropods of the class of insects, are in the majority on all sites, they are represented by 15, 19 and 18 species respectively Tataw, Ain Regarg and Sidi Bouali. This class also predominates in terms of families. The station Ain Regrag, which culminates in biodiversity by hosting the largest number of species with a total of 40 species and having the highest index of diversity.

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