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Growth and yield response of cotton varieties under different methods of fertilizer application

By: Sikandar Ali Jamro, Ahmad Naqi Shah, Mohammad Irfan Ahmad, G. M. Jamro, Aqil Khan, Waheed Ahmed Siddique, Alam Sher, Ghulam Ali Bugti

Key Words: Grwoth , Yield, Cotton, Application methods, Fertilizer

J. Bio. Env. Sci. 9(4), 198-206, October 2016.


The cotton crop field experiment was conducted during khraif season 2012 in Soil Chemistry Section, at Agriculture Research Institute, Tandojam Sindh Pakistan. Objective of this study to evaluate the two cotton varieties (CRIS-234 and NIAB-78) were checked for the best performance against two fertilizer application methods (broadcasting method and strip method) in a three replicated randomized complete block design having net plot size of 424m2. It was noted that all the growth and yield contributing characters of cotton crop were significantly (P<0.05) affected without the exception of monopodial branches plant-1which showed non-significant (P>0.05) response to different fertilizer application methods but significant results shows (P<0.05) to varieties. It was concluded that that strip method of fertilizer application is most effective where the cotton plants utilized nutrients more efficiently and resulted higher seed cotton yields as compared to broadcasting method; whereas, cultivar NIAB-78 proved its superiority in terms of seed cotton yield and lint quality traits over its companion variety CRIS-234. It is suggested that for maximization of seed cotton yield and lint quality, the crop may be fertilized through strip fertilizer application method; and variety NIAB-78 may preferably be adopted over CRIS-234. The data thus collected were subjected to statistical analysis using Analysis of variance technique and LSD (Least Significant Test) to determine the superiority of treatment means using MSTAT-C Computer Statistical Software, following Gomez and Gomez (1984).

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