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Evaluation of the availability of Garcinia afzelii Engl. (Clusiaceae) inside the Yapo-Abbé classified forest of, in Côte D’ivoire

By: Piba Serge Cherry, Tra Bi Fezan Honora, Bakayoko Adama, Djézou Konan

Key Words: Garcinia afzelii, NTFP, Yapo-Abbé Classified forest, Côte d’Ivoire.

J. Bio. Env. Sci. 8(2), 87-97, February 2016.


The continuous exploitation of Non-Timber Forest Products (NTFP) inside the forests of Côte d’Ivoire still be of major preoccupation. The present study aims to evaluate the impact of intense exploitation of Garcinia afzelii, used for mouth and teeth care, on the population of this plant species inside the Yapo-Abbé classified forest.
The study of the availability of G. afzelii has been realized throughout an inventory of all adult individuals (dbh ≥ 10 cm), inside 50 plots of 0.5 ha, using the area noting method. Potential of regeneration was evaluated by an inventory of younger individuals (dbh < 10 cm) in 4 sub-plots of 200 m² displayed randomly on the plots. A total of 7 adult individuals of G. afzelii have been inventoried inside the classified forest, either least than 1 ind.ha-1, with an index of rarefaction ≥ 80% in all biotopes. Fourteen (14) younger individuals represent the potential of regeneration of G. afzelii, either least than 11 ind.ha-1. The comparison between the density of younger and adult individuals doesn’t show a significance difference. The results of this study exhibited that G. afzelii is no more available inside the Yapo-Abbé classified forest, and its potential of regeneration is low. It is endangered to extincting. So, for its safeguard, its exploitation should be new.


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