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Evaluation of some ecological factors, physiological and morphological traits of Salvia tebesana Bunge

By: Ali Mir Hosseini, Mohammad Hossein Hakimi Meibodi, Mohammad Hossein Mirjalili, Ali Sonboli

Key Words: Salvia tebesana Bunge., Ecological factor, Physiology, Morphology, Endemic.

J. Bio. Env. Sci. 9(1), 297-303, July 2016.


Study on relationships between a species with its surrounding biotic and abiotic environment provides valuable information in terms of optimum choice for utilization, propagation, breeding and domestication. For this purpose several ecological and morphological points of Salvia tebesana was studied in Tabass, where the only habitat of the plant is. It is more important that S. tebesana is one of the 17 endemic species of genus Salvia in Iran. The climatology of the study area was determined by statistic 10-year-old. Chemical and physical analyses of the soil were measured in 5 replications according to standard methods. For ecologic analysis, plant samples were considered in different stages such as vegetative, flowering and seeding period. Plant nutrient in three main phases’ growth (vegetative growth, flowering and seeding), phenology, co-dominant plant and morphological features were determined, too. Results revealed that S. tebesana is distributed in region with pH=7.12-7.97, Ec=0.96-1.21 ds/m, TNV= 28.8-46% and sandy-loam texture. According to 10-year statistics, the average rate of rainfall in this habitat is 123.1 millimeters and average annual temperature is 17.7 centigrade. This plant grows as a shrub with the height of 16-24 centimeters. Vegetative growth begins in March, flowering stage occurs in May and seeding happens at mid June. According to the outcome, domestication and breeding program are urgently required for the conservation of this valuable but endangered species.


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