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Effects of Glomus intraradies and Thricoderma harzianum on colonization and the growth parameters of Corylus avellana L. seedlings under nursery conditions

By: Younes Rostamikia, Masoud Tabari Kouchaksaraei, Ahmad Asgharzadeh, Ahmad Rahmani

Key Words: Colonization, Glomus intraradies, growth, hazelnut, nursery.

J. Bio. Env. Sci. 8(6), 250-258, June 2016.


In this research, we investigated the influence of Glomus intraradies and Thricoderma harzianum species on colonization and the growth characteristics of Corylus avellana seedlings under nursery conditions. The growth parameters (height, collar diameter, leaf area, dry weight of root and shoot, total dry seedling and quality index seedling) of Corylus avellana seedlings were evaluated 7 months after colonization with the fungi. The results showed that root colonization of seedlings via G. intraradices was more than those via Thricoderma harzianum. The highest height (26.78 cm), collar diameter (6.60 mm), leaf area (27.04 cm2), root dry weight (3.39 g), root volume (11.31 cm3), total plant dry weight (8.84 g) and seedling quality index (1.72) was detected in seedlings inoculated with G. intraradices. In fact, inoculation technique of root (root engineering), can be an appropriate approach to produce healthy and strong seedlings in nursery and increasing success of planting in disturbed and degraded habitats.


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