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Drought stress effect on morphological and physiological characteristics of different varieties of annual verbena (Verbena hybrida)

By: Salman Shahzad, Usman Khalid Chaudhry, Bilal Anwar, Abdul Saboor, Muhammad Farhan Yousaf, Faisal Saeed, Sana Yaqoob

Key Words: Glass house, Water stress, Peat moss, Ornamental plants, Photosynthesis

J. Bio. Env. Sci. 9(3), 32-46, September 2016.


Water scarcity is emerging as a problematic issue day by day for plant growth and development. Regarding this issue use of drought resistant plant cultivars is one of the strategies to cope water deficit conditions. Drought defiant plants are able to endure water deficit conditions and their growth and development is least effected by water scarcity. Current study was designed to check the ability of survival under water stress conditions of verbena cultivars F1 “Obsession” and “Quartz”. After the appearance of seedlings plants were transferred to glass house and subjected to the drought conditions by applying different intervals of drought to the verbena cultivars. Different intervals of drought applied were T0 (1 day), T1 (3 days), T2 (5 days) and T3 (7 days). Morphological attributes studied, were plant height, number of leaves/plant, number of flowers/plant, leaf firing percentage, shoot fresh and dry weights and root fresh and dry weights. Physiological parameters including photosynthesis (A), chlorophyll contents, stomatal conductance (gs), sub-stomatal conductance (Ci), transpiration rate (E), water use efficiency (WUE) and leaf water potential (Ψwpd) were determined. Drought exerted negative impacts on both varieties regarding different morphological and physiological parameters. Overall analysis of final results of different parameters revealed that F1 Obsession is more drought resistant as compared to F1 Quartz showing better results regarding different morphological and physiological parameters.

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