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Diversity of hairy ark cocklealong northern coast of Java, Indonesia and their variation in phenotypical traits

By: Dewi Fitriawati, Nurlisa Alias Butet, Yusli Wardiatno

Key Words: Arcidae, Bivalvia, Diversity, Morphology, Mollusca

J. Bio. Env. Sci. 9(5), 63-71, November 2016.


Hairy ark cockleis one of the bivalves of family Arcidae. High similarity on morphology among species of hairy ark cockles leads to difficulty in identification. Hence they are categorized as cryptic species. Due to variability of habitat, hairy ark cockles may develop variation in morphology as a result of adaptation. This study was aimed at assessing diversity of hairy ark cockles from six locations located along the northern coast of Java, Indonesia, i.e. Banten, Subang, Cirebon, Rembang, Gresik and Probolinggo. Eight morphometric characters were examined, including shell length (SL), shell width (SW), shell height (SH), ligament length (LL), umbo height (UH), symmetry of right valves (SRV) and left valves (SLV), and radial ribs (RR). These shell characteristics of 316individuals were measured from those locations. The results showed that there were three species found from the study locations, i.e. Anadara inaequivalvis, A. gubernaculum and A. cornea. Those species showed unique phenotypic traits, such as body shape and size shells, shell color, as well as number of ribs. Morphometric characters and meristic diversity could be brought about variation in environmental factors of location.


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