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Diversity and Special Assessment of Soft Bottom Intertidal Mollusks in Sea Grass Beds of Benoni, Glan, Sarangani Province, Philippines

By: Francis Carl B. Herceda, Praise Jee J. Bien, Jason Vann A. Palomo, Joelyn D. Mamon, Vincent Paul L. Mantoya, Maria Luisa N. Cabrera, Elani A. Requieron

Key Words: Mollusks, Gastropods, Intertidal, Soft bottom, Sea grass.

J. Bio. Env. Sci. 8(2), 225-232, February 2016.


Gastropods are very diverse species of oragnisms found in the intertidal section of the coasts. They belong to a group of animals called mollusks (soft-bodied animals).This study was conducted during first week of November, 2015 in Benoni, Glan, Sarangani Province particularly in the barangays of LunPadidu, Tuyan and Poblacion. The study area provided excellent sites for studying habitat associations because of the various substrate types observed in the various sites. Transect method was used to conduct the assessment of mollusks. A total of 50 sampling plots were established in the whole sampling site. Results showed a total of 12 identified mollusks species belonging to 12 families consisting of Neritdae, Buccinidae, Lottiidae, Trochidae, Cerithiidae, Strombidae, Cypraeidae, Naticidae, Ranellidae, Nassariidae, Olividae, and Conidae.Diverse indices was used in this study to easily acquire data if one species is diverse or not within the study area.Results from Shannon’s index showed that family Nassariidae(2.2) has the most dominant species; Neritidae(1.98), Buccinidae(0), Lottiidae(0), Trochidae(1.4), Cerithiidae(2.207), Strombidae(1.871), Cypraeidae(1.962), Naticidae(1.789), Ranellidae(2.032), Olividae(1.058), and Conidae(2.152). The study provided vital information for the present population of mollusks along the areas and provided data as reference for mollusks researches in Benoni, Sarangani Province, Philippines


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