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Diversity and phylogenetic analysis of pseudomonas strains isolated from Mingyong glacier, China

By: Muhammad Kamran Taj, Xiuling Ji, Lianbing Lin, Qi Zhang, Yunlin Wei, Imran Taj, Zahoor Ahmed, Ajaz-Ul-Haq, Ghulam Mohammad, Sana Arif, Ashfaq Ahmed

Key Words: Pseudomonas, Diversity, Phylogenetic analysis, RNA secondary structure, Mingyong glacier

J. Bio. Env. Sci. 9(4), 232-236, October 2016.


On the planet genus of Pseudomonas encompasses debatably the most varied and ecologically important group of bacteria. In all of the main natural environments (Fresh-water, marine and terrestrial) members of Pseudomonas family are found in great numbers and these members also establish intimate relations with animals and plants. This universal spread and distribution represents a notable degree of genetic and physiological adaptability. Within the genus physiological traits do not limit diversity. The variety of phenotypes is also revealed at the genetic level, and evidence is increasing to advocate that the diversity of genome architecture of both the chromosomes and accessory genetic elements is of certain importance. In the present study different Pseudomonas strains were isolated from mingyong glacier. Phylogenetic analysis of 16S rRNA was done and 16S rRNA structures were applied to examine the diversity of Pseudomonas strains. Phylogenetical analysis showed that four branches are formed on the phylogenetic tree. These branches included Pseudomonas strains MY1402, MY1403, MY1408, MY1410, MY0503, MY1412, MY1416, MY1420 and MY1405 which were 9899.9% close to 11 16S rRNA gene sequences of Pseudomonas sp (NCBI GenBank). These four groups can be easily distinguished by comparing their special characteristics in 16S rRNA secondary structures and sequences. The comparison of the 16S rRNA secondary structures of the strains showed that the Pseudomonas strains from mingyong glacier have diversity than other glaciers around the world.


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