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Composition and structure of the malaco fauna of sources Ain Regarg, Sidi bouali and Tataw middle Atlas (Morocco)

By: I. Nechad, M. Fadil, M. Ghamizi, F. Fadil

Key Words: Malacofauna, Diversity, Sources, Middle atlas.

J. Bio. Env. Sci. 9(2), 244-253, August 2016.


An approach to the diversity of malacofauna associated with sources of Middle Atlas is carried out at three stations in the Fez-Boulemane region (Morocco) between January 2013 and December 2013. The selection of stations was based on their mapping, lithology, the physicochemical nature of their waters and on their proximity to human settlements. Six mollusc species were inventoried in this Malacological survey. Are Melanops is Praemorsa, Theodoxus numidica, Theodoxus numidica (Zebra), Horatiasp, Pisidium personatum and Pisidium casertanum. The descriptive analysis of the population of shellfish revealed a similarity between the biocenotic habitats Regrag Ain and Sidi Bouali. Biotic and abiotic factors in the distribution of snails are the calcium concentration, temperature, water and human activity that has clearly affected the malacofauna diversity of sources of the Middle Atlas.


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