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Chemical composition as affected by altitudes in Nepeta septemcrenata (Ehrenb) growing in Saint Katherine area

By: Mohamed M. Abd El-Maboud

Key Words: Nepeta septemcrenata, Carbohydrate, Lipids, Calcium, Altitudes.

J. Bio. Env. Sci. 8(6), 190-196, June 2016.


This study aims to investigate the impact of altitudinal gradients viz., 1600 m, 1850 m, 2100 m, 2350 m and 2600 m on succulence degree, total carbohydrate, soluble and non-soluble carbohydrate, crude protein, total lipids, total ash, total phenols, sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium and chloride in Nepeta septemcrenata as a near endemic growing naturally at Saint Katherin, South Sinai, Egypt. Degree of succulence increased in plants at medium elevations (1850 m, 2100 m, and 2350 m). Total carbohydrate and non-soluble carbohydrate recorded the highest content in those at 2350 m altitude. Soluble carbohydrate and total lipids recorded the highest accumulation values in the plant at the highest altitude (2600 m). The other contents fluctuated among plants at different altitudes. Calcium element was the major among minerals composition in building cell of N. septemcrenata.


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