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Changes of leaf morphology of Hoya amorosoae from varying light exposure: Its implications to species description and taxonomy

By: Milton Norman D. Medina, Victor B. Amoroso, Robert Dale Kloppenburg

Key Words: Hoya amorosoae, Anthocyanin, Morphology, Description.

J. Bio. Env. Sci. 8(6), 232-237, June 2016.


In this paper, H.amorosoae (Green and Kloppenburg, 2014) leaves exposed to varing light intensities and its morphological changes have been documented using leaf morphometry and leaf morphological description. Morphometry of leaf samples provided evidence on the changes of measurements comparing leaf width, length, and thickness under shaded environment and in the natural habitat. In addition, anthocyanin has been proven to occur in the leaves in response to sunlight exposure. Using these data of the vegetative structures in describing Hoya is somewhat not very conclusive. It is therefore recommended to use both vegetative and reproducive structures when describing particular plant species specially Hoya as species of this plant group are very prone to exhibit phenoplasticity.


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