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Carbon stock assessment of three different forest covers in Panaon, Misamis Occidental, Philippines

By: Michelle S. Ebasan, Edgardo C. Aranico, Annielyn D. Tampus, Ruben F. Amparado Jr

Key Words: Carbon pools, Allometric equation, Biomass density, Carbon stock.

J. Bio. Env. Sci. 8(4), 252-264, April 2016.


Carbon pools play significant roles in reducing the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere which is one of the identified greenhouse gases. For climate change monitoring schemes, studies on C sinks are being conducted to estimate the global C stock inventories. In this study, non-destructive method was used (except for the vegetation) to assess the C stock of the three different forest covers in Panaon, Misamis Occidental. These three covers are secondary forest, riparian forest and plantation. Using the mean of the three allometric equations (Brown, Banaticla and Kenzo), biomass densities of the trees were determined. Carbon stocks were then calculated for each forest cover. Results showed that secondary forest had a mean tree biomass density of 641.04 MgC/h (57.53%), mahogany plantation with 280.82 Mg/h (25.19%) and riparian with 192.59 Mg/h (17.28%). The C stocks estimated on the three forests covers were: 400.57 MgC/h (55.11%), 166.18 MgC/h (22.92%) and 159.70 MgC/h (21.97%) – for secondary, riparian and plantation forests, respectively. In the secondary forest, the aboveground C stock estimated was 288.47 MgC/h (72.03%) while the soil had 112.04 (27.97%) MgC/h. In the riparian forest, 86.69 MgC/h (54.28%) is accounted by aboveground biomass while 73.01 MgC/h (45.72%) was stored in the soil. Meanwhile, in the plantation, the aboveground biomass had C stock of 126.42 MgC/h (75.89%) while the soil had 40.17 MgC/h (24.11%). The present study could contribute to the Philippine’s growing database considering the few C stocks assessments done in the country.


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