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Birds of mainit hot spring protected landscape, Nabunturan, compostela valley, Province Mindanao island, Philippines

By: Diza Joy Quitain, Milton Norman Dejadena Medina, Richel Enclonar Relox, Emmanuel Pacheco LeaƱo

Key Words: Birds, Endemic, Mainit hot spring, Philippines

J. Bio. Env. Sci. 9(2), 149-155, August 2016.


The present paper is part of the rapid biodiversity assessment in Mainit Hot Spring Protected Landscape (MHSPL), Nabunturan, Compostela Valley Province Philippines within the months of December 2012 and February 2013. Transect walk survey or visual encounter, mist netting, and live trapping methods were employed to 5 sampling sites namely, Sitio New Bohol (SNB), Sitio Saraban (SS), Sitio Pagtulian (SP), and Sitio Tindalo (ST). Total of (24) birds from 18 families are documented. More than half (13 of 24) are resident or 54%, 8 Philippine endemic (found throughout Philippines) 33%, 2 migrant 9%, and 1 species or 4% found only Mindanao Island or Mindanao endemic. Despite rampant mining and other socio-economic activities inside the MHSPL, there is still surviving species of aves in its remaining forests. Therefore, an urgent forest protection should be implemented especially in Sitio New Bohol and Sitio Tindalo where majority of endemic species are found.


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