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Biomass and Carbon Sequestration Rate in a Young Eucalyptus Hybrid Plantation of Terai Central Forest Division

By: Krishna Kumar Tamta, Ashish Tewari, Vivek Pandey

Key Words: Biomass, Carbon Sequestration, Eucalyptus hybrid, Plantation, Terai.

J. Bio. Env. Sci. 8(4), 20-25, April 2016.


Biomass and carbon sequestration rate in a 2 year old plantation of Eucalyptus hybrid was estimated in Terai central forest division of Uttarakhand over a one year period extending between October-2009 to September-2010. 20 permanent plots of 0.1 ha were placed randomly in the plantation site of 10 ha. The biomass was calculated by using previously developed allometric equations for two year old Eucalyptus hybrid plantation. The total tree density in Eucalyptus hybrid plantation was 1830 tree ha-1. The total tree biomass was 7.18 t ha-1 in year 1 which increased to 15.56 t ha-1 in year 2. The carbon sequestration rate of this plantation was 4.19 t ha-1 yr-1.The contribution of the above ground biomass was close to 79.49% and below ground biomass was 22.47% in total tree biomass. Plantation of fast growing species like E.hybrid have a huge carbon accumulation potential. Large scale plantations of fast growing species particularly on wastelands can significantly store large carbon stocks and contribute in atmospheric carbon mitigation.


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