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Biological properties of Eucalyptus L sps. extracts against microbial pathogens: An updated review

By: Khalida Bahadar, Anjum Munir, Shahzad Asad

Key Words: Plant Extracts; Essential oil; Pesticidal properties; Fungi; Bacteria; Viruses

J. Bio. Env. Sci. 9(5), 72-85, November 2016.


Plants allelopathic ingredients being non-hazardous and environmental friendly are uses as a natural substitute of pesticides. Keep in view this aspect of plants; present study aims to review published work of Eucalyptus for its antimicrobial properties against different disease causing agents from last eight years. Diseases due to biotic agents are among, the most significant factors that cause severe losses to agriculture foodstuffs every year. Plants produce active compounds during secondary metabolism that are usually responsible for the biological properties. Eucalyptus has an extensive record of curative uses with a variety of important beneficial properties such as boost respiratory health, eliminate inflammation, strengthen the immune system, lower blood sugar, protect skin health, relieve tension and anxiety, and fight against pathogens infection. Moreover, the most important compounds of the plant are under investigation for possible benefits in the treatment of cancer. However, apart from its uses as a medicinal plant the pesticides properties of several Eucalyptus species were proven against certain pests in the form of both essential oils and extracts by research data from the international literature. Thus, this property can be confidently used in the development of natural pesticides to combat those bacterial and fungal strains that become resistant to conventional pesticides. This method of pest management of agricultural importance can significantly contribute to minimize the risk of toxic chemical pesticides, especially sprayed on economic crops and vegetables.


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