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Assessment of Water Quality of River Bashgal

By: Shahid Ahmad, Shaheen Shah, Fathul Bari, Kausar Saeed, Naveed Akhtar

Key Words: River Bashgal, Water quality parameters.

J. Bio. Env. Sci. 8(6), 14-25, June 2016.


The Bashgal Valley is a geographical feature ofNuristan, province of Afghanistan, formed by the Bashgal River, which empties into the Kunar river at Arundu and Bagalgrom. River Bashgal is also called ‘’LANDAI SIN’’ Which is bordered with Pakistan from district Chitral side. During the present study From February to July 2012the following water quality parameters of River Bashgal were studied. Water quality of River Bashgal was studied from February to March 2012. The River Bashgal was divided into 3 stations. These were Luluk, Baghicha and Arandu.The water quality parameters recorded between the following minimum and maximum values PH(PH6.1 to PH8.5), Hardness (233mg/l to 304mg/l), Conductivity (90 µS/cm to 160 µS/cm), Alkalinity (40mg/l to 76mg/l), Sodium (2.3mg/l to 8.5mg/l), Potassium (1.8 mg/l to 2.9 mg/l), Chloride (12mg/l to 70 mg/l), Sulfate (7 mg/l to 39 mg/l), TSS (3 mg/l to 19 mg/l), TDS (70 mg/l to 172 mg/l). Ammonia could not be detected. All the studied parameters like pH, Conductance, TDS, TSS, Alkalinity, Potassium, Sodium, Sulfate, Ammonia, hardness and Chloride were within the tolerable range and the water was found safe for drinking during the study period.


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