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Assessment of Variance Indices of Araneid Fauna Grasped from Sugarcane Field by different trapping Methods at Faisalabad, Pakistan

By: Syed Mohsin Bukhari, Iram Maqsood, Tang LiJie, Shahla Andleeb, Khalil UR Rehman, Aoun Bukhari

Key Words: Araneid fauna,Biodiversity,Temperature,Rainfall,Relative humidity.

J. Bio. Env. Sci. 8(5), 147-154, May 2016.


Spiders play integral ecological favor for regulating integrated pest management population. Despites, there is restricted research data on the species richness, evenness and relative abundance in Faisalabad, Pakistan .Abundance of spiders were captured by pitfall, hand picking, foliage sampling and beat netting. We sampled seven families of araneid fauna and the most dominant families were Lycosidae, Thomisidae and Salticidae. The maximum araneid fauna was collected in the month of June when temperature 43.5°C, relative humidity (R.H) 63.2% and average rainfall 35mm while lowest were captured at relative humidity (R.H) 65.5%, temperature 29°C and rainfall 24mm in the month of September. Pielou’seveness index(E),Simpson diversity index(D)Shannon diversity index (H) and species richness were used to extract the results. It was clarified that araneid fauna asymmetrical in different season of a year and were totally dependent on environmental factors like rainfall, temperature and relative humidity. These data indicated that use of pitfall trap, foliage collection and integrated pest management could be valuable tactics to determine the abundance of araneid fauna.


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