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Assessment of conservation status in Caspian Sea coastal area by the use of Diversity Indices

By: Mokarram Ravanbakhsh, Tayyebeh Amini, Seyed Mohsen Nassaj Hosseini

Key Words: Diversity indices, Coastal area, Caspian Sea, Guilan Province, Iran.

J. Bio. Env. Sci. 8(3), 12-21, March 2016.


This research was conducted to investigate the plant species diversity in the protected and non-protected sites via comparison of biodiversity and similarity indices. The research area comprised a coastal system in the north of Guilan Province, Iran. Vegetation sampling was carried out along 16 shore perpendicular transects, approximately 500-m long. A total of 50 plot of 25 square meters were taken in transects. In each sampled plot, the cover percentage value of each species was estimated using Bran-Blanquet scales. Data analysis was carried out using diversity numerical indices of richness, diversity and evenness index. To assess the significance of numerical measures a student’s t-test was used. The similarity index was selected for clarifying the species similarities between two sites. Graphs of Rainey parameterise diversity indices and species abundant model were plotted. The results showed species diversity in two compared area was very close together based on numerical indices. Data analysis by species abundant models was fitted to geometry model. Result showed conservation devices could not be effective and helpful tool for biological diversity maintenance and progress.


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