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Assessing the Effects of Climate Change on Crop Production, Food Production and Crop Yield

By: Hakimzadi Wagan, Aijaz Ali Khuharo, Zulfiqar Ali, Rani Abro, Bakhtawar, Shahid Hussain Abro

Key Words: Biodiversity, Climate change, Agriculture sector, Temperature, Carbon.

J. Bio. Env. Sci. 8(6), 223-231, June 2016.


This study examines the impact of climate change on crop production, food production, livestock production and crops yields in India. Changes in biodiversity, biosphere and natural resources have major impact on agriculture sector. The study undertook, country level analysis by employing secondary data from 1961 up to 2013. Vector autoregression based estimates reveal negative impact of rise in temperature on overall agriculture sector of India. However, the most negative impact is found on cereal yield which declines by 2.4 percent for 1 standard deviation increase in temperature. Increase in atmospheric Carbon Dioxide (CO2) content is found to have positive and significant impact on crop yield, food production and crop production. Crop production increases by 1.7 percent over the first year whereas increase in production remains significant over 5 years horizon. Food production also rises significantly over four years horizon. As a major policy implication numerous initiatives relating to irrigation such as subsidies for micro irrigation, artificial recharge to ground water and water shed projects from the side of central government are proposed to lessen the impact of climate change.


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