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Analysis and interpretation of community-level physiological profiles in microbial ecology for some locations in Montenegro

By: Radonjić Dražana

Key Words: Microbial ecology, Montenegro, Chemical residues, Microorganisms.

J. Bio. Env. Sci. 9(1), 116-125, July 2016.


The microorganisms play a significant role in aquatic ecosystems and in rivers and lake ecosystems as well. The present study aimed at assessment of impact on chemical residues and radicals and microorganism. For the first time in Montenegro conducted this kind of research. We have been used physiological groups and they profiles using BIOLOGTM Biolog EcoPlate. The investigated microorganisms previously are grown on substrates which are selective. We present on the tables only the 72 hours results because the examination of the results changes mostly before 72 hours or during (0,24, 48). On the two location King’s head”-Skadar Like in populatin of protolithic bacteria and Vukovci-River Moraca in lipolytic bacteria the phenotypes is already repaired, but in on the other is in phase reparation.


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