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Volume 2, Number 5, May 2012 – JBES

Author(s): Ibrahim Yahuza

Title: Simple yield-density equations for quantifying additive intercrops

J. Bio. & Env. Sci. 2(5), 1-9. (Full text)

Author(s): Emmanuel Iroha Akubugwo, Ajuka Obasi, Godwin Chinyere Chinyere, Eberechukwu Eze, Obinna Nwokeoji, Eziuche Amadike Ugbogu

Title: Phytoaccumulaion effects of Amaranthus hybridus L. grown on buwaya refuse dumpsites in Chikun, Nigeria on heavy metals

J. Bio. & Env. Sci. 2(5), 10-17. (Full text)

Author(s): E. Gallego, A. Gelabert, F. J. Roca, J. F. Perales, X. Guardino

Title: Identification of volatile organic compounds (VOC) emitted from three European orchid species with different pollination strategies: two deceptive orchids (Himantoglossum robertianum and Ophrys apifera) and a rewarding orchid (Gymnadenia conopsea)

J. Bio. & Env. Sci. 2(5), 18-29. (Full Text)

Author(s): Edward D. Wiafe, Mac E. Nutsuakor

Title: A bird community structure of a tropical forest, twenty years after logging, in Ghana

J. Bio. & Env. Sci. 2(5), 30-36. (Full Text)

Author(s): Achalu Chimdi, Heluf Gebrekidan, Kibebew Kibret, Abi Tadesse

Title: Response of barley to liming of acid soils collected from different land use systems of Western Oromia, Ethiopia

J. Bio. & Env. Sci. 2(5), 37-49. (Full Text)

Author(s): Martin Amoah

Title: Comparing the distribution, harvesting and regeneration of Beta vulgaris in the Owabi wildlife sanctuary and the adjacent agricultural farmlands in the Atwima District of Ghana

J. Bio. & Env. Sci. 2(5), 50-60. (Full Text)

Author(s): Emmanuel Zziwa, Geoffrey Kironchi, Charles Gachene, Swidiq Mugerwa, Denis Mpairwe

Title: The dynamics of land use and land cover change in Nakasongola district

J. Bio. Env. Sci. 2(5), 61-73. (Full Text)

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