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The International Network for Natural Sciences (INNSPUB) is a wing of Shamokal Publications, Bangladesh, that publishes original research papers, review papers, short communications, thesis paper and also scientific books. We anticipate that our rapid production service will allow top-end research to reach its audiences even sooner.

INNSPUB is a self supporting independent organization and does not extended financial relation with government and any institution or organization. Hence, the operation of the journals under ‘innspub’ is solely financed by the small processing fees received from authors. The processing fees are required to meet operations expenses and that costs usually spends to produce a peer-reviewed, edited and formatted article that is ready for online publication. We believe in sharing of new scientific knowledge in the field of natural sciences and life sciences all over the world. All our publications are available online that concurrently belong to many societies, universities and research institutes.

Being an open access formatted journals, authors are assured that their work is disseminated to the widest possible audience, the information available to researchers will not be limited by their library’s budget and the widespread availability of articles will enhance literature searching and facilitate meta-analyses. The results of publicly funded research will be accessible to all taxpayers and not just those with access to a library with a subscription. As such, Open Access could help to increase public interest in and support of research.


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International Network for Natural Sciences

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