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INNSPUBs Research Journal Manager delivers easier manuscript management panel to the worldwide author(s) for easily manage their submissions, peer review, and editorial workflow online within short time, it also adventitious for an expertise reviewer, libraries and scholars.
Journal Manager facilitates
– Always can track current status of the submitted manuscript
– Author get email notification while manuscript run step by steps
– Relatively in a short publication production
– Electronically easy & fast management system
– No need to write again and again to the Editor

● Guideline for manuscript submission and manage author panel:
● Registration Process: (Register here)
Manuscripts Submission process:
Manuscripts should be submitted to the EDITOR of desire journals by Electronically Submission Gateway (INNSPUBs Research Journal Manager) or via email attachment according to AUTHOR GUIDELINE with COPYRIGHT AGREEMENT form to []. The Editor will confirm the corresponding author after receiving the manuscript and the editorial board will constitute that with well qualified experts of different discipline in different universities/institutions around the world

Manuscript Revision Process: (Download)
Complete Payment process: (Download)
Galleyproof Complete Process: (Download)

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