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Quality Report

Journal metrics measure the performance and/or impact of scholarly journals. Each metric has its own particular features, but in general, they all aim to provide rankings and insight into journal performance based on citation analysis. They start from the basic premise that a citation to a paper is a form of endorsement, and the most basic analysis can be done by simply counting the number of citations that a particular paper attracts: more citations to a specific c paper means that more people consider that paper to be important. Citations to journals (via the papers they publish) can also be counted, thus indicating how important a particular journal is to its community, and in comparison to other journals. Different journal metrics use different methodologies and data sources, thus offering different perspectives on the scholarly publishing landscape, and bibliometricians use different metrics depending on what features they wish to study.

INNSPUB Journal:

  • Are refreshed once per year
  • Eliminate the risk of manipulation
  • Can correct for citation behavior and database coverage (SNIP and SJR)
  • Provide multidimensional insights into journal performance
  • Can allow for a direct comparison of journals, independent of their subject classification (SNIP and SJR)
  • Are publicly accessible and are integrated into the Scopus Journal Analyzer

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