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Utilization of Microarray Analysis to Determine Therapeutic Targets in Human Cancers

By: Shatasha L. Hamilton, Erin N. White, Evandrew Washington, Lawrence O. Flowers

Key Words: Microarray, bioinformatics, therapeutic target, cancer, signal transduction.

Int. J. Biosci. 8(2), 95-105, February 2016.



Advances in DNA microarray technology have significantly improved research-based therapeutic outcomes. The rapid determination of gene expression profiles in malignant and nonmalignant cells and tissues have paved the way for the elucidation of beneficial molecular details regarding the development and progression of human diseases and the design of biomarkers. This review article focuses on microarray studies of human cancers from primary cells and cell lines. Signal transduction pathways and genetic factors that may have significant therapeutic and prognostic value are also examined in this comprehensive review.


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